Jill has seen a number of children teenagers over the years and very soon discovered they are, of course, not little adults! Their energy is quite different and they tend to respond more quickly to less treatment.

Says Jill "Being a mother and grandmother myself I was aware that some children may find acupuncture painful, but that hasn't been the case at all, in fact my seven grandchildren have been known to queue up for treatments on family holidays! it is very rewarding to treat children and teenagers with a variety of conditions from coughs to weak immune systems or anxiety.

The Covid pandemic and news around climate change has thrown up a lot for our young people and increasingly children and teens are suffering from stress and anxiety around these areas which may show up as infections or symptoms such as headaches, eczema, stomach migraines or in anxiety or insomnia. These are areas that acupuncture can absolutely support".

"My son Oliver (then aged 6) saw Jill for treatment to help with getting to sleep at night - Oliver had a history of not being able to relax enough to get to sleep until late in the night, resulting in irritability and tiredness. After just a few sessions with Jill this had definitely improved. In addition Oliver found the sessions themselves relaxing and calming and was instantly put at ease by Jill, in his words 'it didn't hurt at all'. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill for family treatments"

Alice, Herts