With research showing that acupuncture can increase the chances of conception, Jill has seen an increase in patients, both men and women, who come to the clinic for support in fertility health.


Acupuncture in pregnancy and fertility has become an area of particular focus for Jill in recent years.


As part of Jill's continuing professional development she has participated in a number of workshops and seminars on acupuncture in pregnancy and fertility support, many with pregnancy and fertility expert Zita West www.zitawest.com


In addition Jill has studied, and has experience in, the use of acupuncture in birth, treatment for babies in breech presentation and natural induction, to gently encourage labour to begin.


"I met Jill after my first unsuccessful IVF cycle. I was previously completely needle phobic and although I had conquered this enough to have IVF treatment I was still very wary of needles.
Jill was absolutely wonderful. She put me at ease instantly and her gentle technique made the process much easier.
I saw Jill through my second unsuccessful cycle including treatment at my house on the day of Transfer.  Her support through that dark time was invaluable.
I know that Jill played a major part in our third cycle being successful, including another home visit on the day of Transfer.

I consider Jill to be more friend than practitioner now! If you are considering Accupuncture for fertility or any other issue you will not find a practitioner that will care more for you than Jill - she is truly amazing!"

Victoria, Bishop's Stortford, Herts


"I came to see Jill as we were struggling to get pregnant with unexplained infertility and continued through IVF and then happily pregnancy.
I found acupuncture very enjoyable and relaxing. It definitely built my resilience - physically I found I was ill and run down a lot less frequently and emotionally I felt relieved and more balanced after each session. Jill is a very nurturing person which also helped.
Jill made a real effort to treat me twice on the day of embryo transfer and that contributed to my feeling that we had done everything we could to make the IVF treatment a success."

Vicki, Herts


"I first made enquiry with Jill for some fertility acupuncture because of her background and training. What I received was a lot more than some amazing treatment. Jill supported me through an 18 month journey and became more than my therapist. I truly believe Jill kept my body on track, her treatments assisted a positive IVF pregnancy, helped and supported throughout pregnancy and subsequently focused back on the body once tha baby was born. I really do feel that acupuncture and Jill had a positive part to play and I am forever thankful."

Sarah, Hertfordshire