'"I am indebted to Jill who kick started my bladder after it went into retention at the birth of my first child. I was held in hospital for 8 days after my healthy daughter was born as I couldn't urinate due to a protracted labour. It was after 5 weeks of it all still not working (5 weeks of being catheterised with a new born) that Jill was recommended to me.

Jill used Moxa sticks on key chi points together with acupuncture. The treatment felt like a warm buzz around my stomach, but no pain. Everything suddenly seemed kick-started and I was able to use the loo in the normal way, and have done every day since.

It was very emotional for me, and I was so so grateful to Jill's expertise and sensitivities. She has something very special. Thank you Jill.

Ps, I went on to have 2 more children with no further problems!"

Jo, Herts


"I went to see Jill for an acupuncture treatment when a colleague recommended it as a beneficial aid towards curing a seriously stiff neck.
I was delighted with the relief the treatment gave me and which speeded up my recovery. I found Jill a very receptive, caring and sensitive practitioner with a sound knowledge and understanding of the art of acupuncture. I would not hesitate to call on her again or to recommend her to others."

Vicky, Herts


"I met Jill after my first unsuccessful IVF cycle. I was previously completely needle phobic and although I had conquered this enough to have IVF treatment I was still very wary of needles.
Jill was absolutely wonderful. She put me at ease instantly and her gentle technique made the process much easier.
I saw Jill through my second unsuccessful cycle including treatment at my house on the day of Transfer.  Her support through that dark time was invaluable.
I know that Jill played a major part in our third cycle being successful, including another home visit on the day of Transfer.
I consider Jill to be more friend than practitioner now! If you are considering Accupuncture for fertility or any other issue you will not find a practitioner that will care more for you than Jill - she is truly amazing!"

Victoria, Herts


"I first made enquiry with Jill for some fertility acupuncture because of her background and training. What I received was a lot more than some amazing treatment. Jill supported me through an 18 month journey and became more than my therapist. I truly believe Jill kept my body on track, her treatments assisted a positive IVF pregnancy, helped and supported throughout pregnancy and subsequently focused back on the body once tha baby was born. I really do feel that acupuncture and Jill had a positive part to play and I am forever thankful."

Sarah, Herts


"I first tried acupuncture about 15 years ago for a sluggish digestion – I just felt slightly unwell all the time. After several sessions I felt so much better, really perky and have continued with an appointment every five to six weeks to keep things in balance.  In that time I have  had additional acupuncture for a whiplash injury to my neck, menopausal problems, pains in my wrist from too much computer work, a seized-up shoulder and arthritis pain in my hands and feet.  Jill is such a lovely and thoughtful person – you can tell her anything and she always finds a way to help. I am just so grateful to have found acupuncture to help me approach my older years – hopefully in good health."

Elizabeth, Essex.


"I came to see Jill as we were struggling to get pregnant with unexplained infertility and continued through IVF and then happily pregnancy.
I found acupuncture very enjoyable and relaxing. It definitely built my resilience - physically I found I was ill and run down a lot less frequently and emotionally I felt relieved and more balanced after each session. Jill is a very nurturing person which also helped.
Jill made a real effort to treat me twice on the day of embryo transfer and that contributed to my feeling that we had done everything we could to make the IVF treatment a success."

Vicki, Herts


"I first went for treatment with Jill back in early 2002, and have been coming back for treatments for various aches, pains and illnesses that have marked the passage of time in my life ever since then. I was immediately struck by, and continue to appreciate, Jill's nurturing and empathic touch and manner, as well as her professionalism and undoubted skill as a practitioner. Jill is a truly special person, and I am very grateful to have found her. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone interested in having acupuncture treatment, as I have done many times over the years to my own friends, family and colleagues."
Marcus, Herts


"My son Oliver (then aged 6) saw Jill for treatment to help with getting to sleep at night - Oliver had a history of not being able to relax enough to get to sleep until late in the night, resulting in irritability and tiredness. After just a few sessions with Jill this had definitely improved. In addition Oliver found the sessions themselves relaxing and calming and was instantly put at ease by Jill, in his words 'it didn't hurt at all'. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill for family treatments"

Alice, Herts